Lessons by Jackie

Meet Sam (14 yrs old)… he came (having learned the piano from a friend’s mom), deciding to conquer the violin knowing it’s the harder/hardest instrument! “Challenge accepted,” he told me. After only five weeks he already knows the difference…

Lessons by Jackie

Enjoyed working with Krystal on her bow hold as we mastered string angles, teeter tottering, flying, and driving the bow – finishing in traditional Suzuki style! She is a gem.

Lessons by Jackie

Meet the new upcoming Concert Master (or Mistress) of the Riverton HIgh School Philharmonic Orchestra! She is auditioning to solo with two youth orchestras this next year and wishes to attend a major music school upon graduation. Addie also plays the piano and is an outstanding vocalist, appearing as the lead last year in the Pirates of Penzance. Proud of her!!


Lesson's by Jackie

Ashlen and I have had the privilege and opportunity of playing together in her ward with her mom on piano, and her grandmother on organ! She performs often for her ward, which thrills me as a teacher.

Lessons by Jackie

These two are absolutely amazing!! Their mother is a violist, and they came as five-year-olds going on 45, I swear. They work on vibrato, tone, shifting, balance, and everything so hard every week, and love to tell me all about their happenings! They’ve advanced so quickly, and I’m really proud of them. Both are working on Bach pieces in Suzuki book 3 on their separate technique and instruments. They focus and concentrate exquisitely, and are committed to the process because they want to be good!


Lessons by Jackie

A review from Elliott’s mother, Rachel Smith: My son has been taking cello lessons from Jackie for 6 years now. Jackie is kind, friendly and patient with my son. She has vast musical experience and is an excellent teacher. The highlight for me has been hearing and seeing the passion of music grow within my son as he has learned new concepts and music. Elliott’s brother, Dylan Smith, has also studied violin with me. Over the years I have watched Elliott grow in his passion and interest not only for the cello, but for music in general. It has been exciting to see him progress to be able to converse about the technical aspects of the music and discuss options for how to finger, bow, and interpret it. Elliott has invited me to every concert he has ever played in, however, because of my work and performing schedule I haven’t often been able to attend. I look forward to, though, seeing him perform a solo on his next concert and have watched, with great admiration and anticipation, him become a leader in his orchestra!


Cello Lessons by Jackie

Working on higher octave fingerings with Piano Guys arrangements before this guy goes off to Snow as a movie ? music ? major, then onto his mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!

Violin lesson by Jackie

Abbey has been plowing through all three Mozart Violin Concertos this summer (movements and cadenzas included)! It’s been a joy to revisit them with her and remember why I love his music so much.

Dalton came to me with some basic skills on the piano and lots of raw talent. He is a delight to work with as he learns music theory to build on the talent he already posses. As we have been working on music theory, he has been progressing quickly as we fill in the gaps in his music skills.

Private Classical, Orchestral, and Suzuki Instruction:

 Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, Piano, Guitar, and Voice

Also Suzuki trained in:

 Recorder, Harp, & Select Band Instruments 


Jackie has been able to help my son understand music theory in a fun and interactive way that has been missing from other piano teachers in the past. She is more of a mentor to my son and is able to see what he is good at, and also where he lacks. She understands music very well and is passionate about music. It is inspiring and rubs off on her students. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for an inspiring music mentor, who thinks outside the box of the regular run of the mill music teacher.

Julie Brown